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Indian economy is growing like a giant mushroom, and hundreds of thousands of Indian entrepreneurs are looking for ways to expand their service and product offering to the biggest market – the US.

In our 5 years of existence we have assisted over four thousand Indian entrepreneurs in opening their companies here in the U.S., and have accumulated a lot of experience dealing with the specific needs and limitations of that sub-market.

We felt it was time to create a special article, summing the questions and issues most crucial to our Indian clients. We welcome you to our latest release of “How to Incorporate in USA from India”:

How To Incorporate In USA From India

… and wish you all the luck in launching your American business!

“They” say when something becomes a “classic” it never goes out of fashion. Our creative team decided to test this age-old observation with its new release of “Industrial Era inspired” series of banners.

Following our tradition of creating ideological links between the past and the future, we used vintage photos representing the marvelous years of explosive growth of American economy during Industrial Revolution, with messages that are as true today as they were back in those remarkable days.

Linked messages attempt to reach into the deep desires of individual observers seeking inspiration and motivation to make their first step towards business success and financial independence.


This Lewis Wickes Hine’s classic “Powerhouse Mechanic and Steam Pump” (1920) was our inspiration for the first banner – a hard working man, representing so many who don’t shy away from getting their hands dirty, but who might harbor desires of being something more than their current jobs and careers.

sad-man-336-280Same message delivered through the gaze of a middle-aged worker, examining and sorting drills. One could only guess what goes in this man’s mind, but when we fast forward a century the message holds ground – your choice is to sell your time to an employer, or to sell the product of your ingenuity, tenacity, courage and intelligent risk-taking to the market.

Second set of banners is powered by a message directed towards those who are about to make the first step, but somewhat hesitate. A group of merchants and specialists, proudly standing in front of their business establishments, sends a clear message – they did it, and so can you.

H. Shaw, Naturalist & Fishing Tackle Maker:

two-store-owners-300-600 Juckes, the ironmonger:

one-store-owner-300-600H. Hiller, cook and confectioner:

chocolate-store-970-250And finally, Moore: Hair Dresser and Fancy Repository:

hair-dresser-300-600Which one is your favorite? We would love to know.


Well, our love affair with Bitcoins continues!

As a result of more than enthusiastic response from our visitors and clients we decided to launch a new promotion – anyone making a $100 or more purchase on our site, paying with Bitcoins, will get a $40 rebate issued immediately. To get the rebate all one needs to do is use the promotional code BITCOINFOREVER at checkout, and then pay with Bitcoins.

Come, start your own business, and join the revolution!


Bitcoin banner


It’s a new day here at, and we are proud to announce that our company has finally joined the Bitcoin universe!

Our long term goal has always been to expand the range of payment methods available to our clients. Now anyone in the world can purchase our services using bitcoins. In cryptography we trust!

So what are you waiting for?! Get that business of your dreams started today!

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Dear friends,

With great pride and pleasure I want to let you know that our flagship Q&A website has reached 1000 questions answered today. The question number 1000 was “How can a foreigner register a business in USA“, asked by “Edward”, and I reserved to myself the honor of answering it :)

From myself and our team at and I want to thank all visitors and clients who helped us create this useful resource.

And keep them coming!

Dear Readers!

With great pleasure I would like to announce the opening of our new blog.

So what would that blog be about? Since the main focus of our company is “Growing America one business at a time” it only fits that I, as the founder of the company, would write on topics relevant to entrepreneurs building their businesses in the U.S.

However, the scope of those topics is gong to extend way beyond the tips on how to market your business better, or how to build a website – there are plenty of resources on the web that cover those, and adding more of the same is not my intention.

What I intend to do is focus on what is going on today around us, in the U.S. and in the world, and give my commentary on how it influences the future of America and the future of the American entrepreneur.

As I mentioned in the “word from our founder“, I invite you, my readers, to follow our progress as we reform the company from head to toe, starting from a new and fresh design (rolling out very soon), and through this blog and the various social channels, where we will explore the ideas we stand behind, to help promote the right kind of change in America.

So, buckle up, and join the ride!

Alex Zehnbacht

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