Welcome, friends! My name is Alex Zehnbacht, the founder of MyUSACorporation.com. I launched this company back in 2009, when times were tough and America was recovering from the 2008 economic crisis. Three years later as I am writing this things still look pretty grim.

My story

Decades back, my fascination with America started in late childhood, when my father took me, then an ordinary Soviet boy from a provincial Russian town, to see the movie King Kong. It was the late eighties, and I was completely blown away, not by the mysterious island, or the giant gorilla, but by the mesmerizing views of Downtown Manhattan and the Twin Towers. That day my life changed forever. I knew where I belonged, and from that moment everything I did, consciously and subconsciously, was aimed at the single goal – becoming part of this miracle called America. Some 13 years later I finally made it. On August 10th 2001 I rode the very elevator that carried the hero of King Kong, on my way to the observation deck of the South Tower. I was on the top of the world… We all know what happened a month later. I was lucky to see the Towers and experience New York the way it was before. Nevertheless, for me no terrorists could change the way I felt about America, and two years later I finally found my way back to New York, this time to stay for good. With just $400 in my pocket (a fact I am very proud of) and a handpick of acquaintances, who helped me at the direst of moments (a thing I am very grateful for), I managed to survive, and then more. At times I wasn’t sure I would make it on my own, but as problems arose, solutions were found. It felt like here, in New York, you could do anything and be anyone, if you set your mind right.

The story of MyUSACorporation.com

Just 6 years after I arrived in the States I was already a self made man, with a family and few business ventures on my “resume” (some successful, other not so much). Failures proved to be blessings, teaching the best lessons, and success was intoxicating. After selling my successful business in 2008 I was on a lookout for the next “worthy” business venture, and that’s how MyUSACorporation.com was born. Our old logoIt was intended to be a place where foreign entrepreneurs on a budget go to form their US companies. It later proved to be as attractive to domestic clients as it was for foreign. I relied on my experience and knowledge in that field, and launched the site in May 2009 (with the help of my partner, who later left the project for personal reasons). Three years later and over 10,000 (!) orders fulfilled (with 7,000 being new companies) this once a home-based venture became an establishment with an office one block away from Wall Street. But I was discontent. Waking up It was not the business – the business was fine. I think it started when angry Occupy Wall Street mob brought the reality of what became of America right to my doorsteps. Contrasted with the Tea Partiers, whose images and message brought hope that not all is lost in the “land of the free”, “occupiers” were a different breed. Their message – “rich be damned” – was poison to me, a child of Communism. I felt as if my America was taken away from me by a bunch of screaming drama queens. They got it all wrong. Government-induced crony capitalism was to blame for the mess we are in, and not the fellow men, who earned their fortune through ingenuity, hard work and persistance. I was appalled by the realization of how little of America I loved was left. A year later, as the “occupy” movement has celebrated its anniversary and America got closer to what might prove to be the most critical presidential elections in the modern history, I decided that it was time I did my part to save whatever was left of that miracle of America I was so eager to join so many years ago.

Doing the right thing

I was no longer content with just forming companies for people. It was time to take my team and my company to the next level – turn it into a platform of bringing the good old America back. MyUSACorporation.com would become a place to remind those who care about this country of the glorious times it once enjoyed, and help bring those times back. When dollar was gold, not a piece of paper. When people relied on their own abilities, not on government handouts. When America produced and saved, not consumed and borrowed. When the fruits of your labor belonged to you, and not to Uncle Sam. When folks came here from every corner of the Earth to be free. I know. Some people won’t like our message, and would turn us down. I don’t mind them – from now on MyUSACorporation.com has character, and we are proud to serve those who share our values. I invite you, my readers, to follow our progress as we reform the company from head to toe, starting from a new and fresh design (rolling out very soon), and through this blog and the various social channels, where we will explore the ideas we stand behind, to help promote the right kind of change in America, if it’s not too late.

Alex Zehnbacht
New York
September 25, 2012