Dear Friends!

With great pleasure and joy I would like to announce the release of our first ever video ad, produced in-house (literally, produced by me at home over the weekend), to be the opening feature in a bigger series of video ads that we plan to produce over the next several months.

As you already noticed by now, our company is undergoing an interesting transformation from being “just another business filing service” to the kind of company I originally envisioned – one that caters to the great entrepreneural spirit of America. Out new theme is “good old America” of the past, focusing on the nostalgic Industrial Age, the roaring 20s, and the western expansion. Fittingly, the heros of our first series would be the great entrepreneurs and industrialists of the late 19th-early 20th century. presents: “The Minds That Built America”!

The honor to open the series goes to Andrew Carnegie, a steel magnate and a legendary American industrialist. Sit back and enjoy the show!